About OAN and Les Gura

O.A.N. is the new name for my new blog, launched March 16, 2018.

As for Les Gura, I’m a Winston-Salem, N.C.-based writer and editor with more than 35 years of experience on different platforms with one primary goal: getting my point across or helping others do the same. In 2010, I began doing that through freelance work on this site, named after a song by one of my favorite musicians, Bruce Springsteen.

My background includes many years as a journalist for newspapers on both U.S. coasts. In 2011, I joined the creative department Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, and last year I became communications manager for a non-for-profit counseling organization based in Greensboro.

My experience includes serving as an adjunct professor of journalism at the graduate and undergraduate levels for Quinnipiac University and the University of Connecticut, and I have been a guest lecturer at Wake Forest University and Southern Connecticut State University.

I’m also a freelance writer and editor in addition to my full-time job. My work, examples of which you can view on the Essays and Stories page, include:

  • Helping people to fine-tune their blogs.
  • Editing novels and working with authors of self-help non-fiction pieces.
  • Being principal writer for an online marketing startup, Orca.Digital.
  • Writing for Stakeholder Health and FaithHealthNC, two organizations sharing new ways to reach underserved populations.

Contact Les Gura by calling 336-403-8114 or emailing les@openallnightediting.com.