Writing and Editing Services

Editing: A writer and editor for more than 35 years who comprehends short- and long-form writing, I’m an expert in helping you polish your work for any platform. I have the short (blogs), the long (novels) and the in-between (websites, resumes, essays). The key is understanding what the writer is trying to accomplish and editing in their voice.

Copy editing: I’m familiar with AP, Chicago and APA styles, and adapt well to other formats. I have written for and copy edited newsletters and Web site content. I’ve done copy editing for a large advertising agency and for people needing a resume review. I’ve created style guides for large and small organizations.

Writing: I take on freelance assignments when possible.

Clients include:

  • Stakeholder Health, an organization that promotes new methods of reaching underserved populations by nonprofit caregivers. My feature stories appear on the StakeholderHealth.org website.
  • FaithHealth, affiliated with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. I was principal writer for five years and continue to freelance for this twice-yearly magazine.
  • Mullen, a national advertising company for which I have done copy editing.
  • Principal writer for Orca.Digital, a start-up marketing company.
  • Wake Forest University School of Law, for which I have done freelance writing.
  • Aspiring novelists, bloggers, self-help authors and more.

Contact Les Gura by calling 336-403-8114 or emailing les@openallnightediting.com