Open All Night professional writing and editing services came about because I believe deeply in learning, growing and sharing with others the ability to write.

Writing is a true joy in all forms, but too frequently we struggle to make it happen. In essence, though, writing is a teachable skill. And it starts with structure, something that began for me with a 9th grade English class taught by Lawrence Dorson at Newtown High School in Queens, N.Y.

So here’s to you, Mr. Dorson, and the many mentors I’ve had over the years who have helped with my journalism skills, my non-fiction narrative writing and now fiction writing.

Les Gura         IMG_0038


“Les has a great sense of story …  He introduced me to the techniques of narrative writing and was an incredible colleague … His greatest gift as an editor is the ability to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with a story and suggest fixes without losing the writer’s voice.”

~ Phoebe Zerwick,  former reporter, Winston-Salem Journal